Youth Committee

YAC is committed to the personal, professional, social, cultural and economic development of African/Caribbean Canadian youth and young adults. We aspire to encourage individuals to maximize their potential and prepare for future challenges, while educating them to become socially and culturally responsible Canadians.

Our committee objectives include;

Perform outreach to neighboring high schools, advising on issues on education, career path choices, financial competence, social and world affairs
Establish a mentorship program of young adult mentors to assist in the progression of youth
Facilitate conferences and/or workshops which highlight education, technology, and resolutions to social issues impacting youth in the community
Develop strong links with secondary and post-secondary institutions and professional organizations
Develop strong alignment with other community organizations to provide resources members
Provide financial assistance to post-secondary students through the YAC Rising Star Scholarships
Getting Involved
Becoming a member of the youth committee is quick and simple. Come out to one of our meetings and you decide in what capacity you would like to volunteer your time. We have a variety of activities and tasks that are continuously carried out throughout the year by members of the committee. If you would like to strengthen your current skill set or develop new ones, we have opportunities for you!

For More Information Give Us a Shout
(416) 746-5772 ext. 422