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VOLUNTEER: Be the change you seek

The JCA is actively recruiting talented individuals to add to the mosaic of the organization. We appeal to you to come forward and help us in a big way. Please submit your resume to and within the body of the email state the specific area of interest. The JCA Volunteer Program allows for the development of interpersonal and communication skills, skills enhancement, work experience, self-esteem and self-confidence and gives individuals the opportunity to network and make new friends.

Volunteer Positions

Photography/Videography/Graphics/Art Expressions Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers

Promotions/PR Volunteers

Communications Volunteer

Pursue your development by capturing ours. Photography, film and other art forms document the story behind the tireless volunteers, the awe of an amazing event and the excitement of a people. This is a great way to share your abilities, build your portfolio, interact with new people, make invaluable connections and cement your career. The skills required are the ability to document accurately, create and share art (print or digital in all its forms).

JCA is currently looking for volunteers who will be members of the Fundraising Committee. The duties include but are not limited to: attending committee meetings, planning and coordinating fundraising events and researching fundraising initiatives/opportunities. The Fundraising Committee is a collaborative group, taking into consideration everyone’s ideas and working together to raise funds for the organization. We are seeking people who are creative, resourceful, fund creation oriented and committed.

These individuals main duty is to promote JCA at events. Greet, provide information about the JCA and socialize while being in representation. This is an important role which is designed to increase the visibility of JCA. Sales experience would be beneficial but not a requirement. Extroverts with excellent customer service skills.

Do you have the ability to inform and transform through the media, social media, video, signage, text or speech? Give of your excellence. We need you to assist in developing better ways to connect our concerns and build collaborations. We are seeking individuals with a natural interest and understanding of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Googe+, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogs, forums etc. Volunteers will be required to demonstrate an ability to articulate ideas clearly and appropriately influence other.

Words From Supporters

I have been a volunteer in the Newcomer Settlement program with The Jamaican Canadian Association since March of 2005. I was interested in the NSP and wanted to work with people from different cultures. This experience has been very satisfying and rewarding, for it has given me an insight into the field of immigration and an understanding of the diverse needs of the public. Also, it has reinforced my interest to work for Citizenship and Immigration. As a volunteer, I have realized how important these services are for many individuals and how there should be more resources of this nature available to immigrants, especially those new to the country.”

Ana Barbosa, Volunteer since 2005