We understand that coming into the office to make payments is not always convenient and since cheque books are phasing out, online payment is the preferred method.

JCA will soon be introducing some new features that make it easier than ever to participate, become a member and support the organization. 

What is happening?
In the very near future we will be able to process on-site debit card transactions for hall rental services, membership fees, donations and event tickets. We currently process credit card payments on site so the debit card payment option is being added.
In addition, you will be able to pay your membership fees, event tickets, and donate online using our secure payment system. ‎Imagine purchasing your Independence Gala tickets online!  
Why? Because it’s 2017! We have numerous requests from individuals to pay ‎for membership and donate online. We also want to provide a range of options to our hall rental customers. Finally, an over reliance on cheques and cash creates risks and higher administrative costs to the organization.  
Stay tuned for the official launch of these expanded payment services. 
JCA Board of Directors




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