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The Jamaican-Canadian Association was founded in 1962 by a group of Jamaicans then living in Toronto. The impetus for the creation of the association was the emergence of Jamaica from colonial status to becoming an independent nation in August, 1962. Jamaicans in Toronto formed a committee comprised of the following: Roy G. Williams, Bromley Armstrong, E. S. Ricketts, Miss Phyllis Whyte,

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We value and respect the diversity of our staff, the people who make up our membership, and of those who use our services regardless of their racial and cultural backgrounds, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, and visible/invisible challenges.

Excellence & Integrity

Excellence ‐ We are committed to ensuring that clients and customers receive high quality services from well‐informed and well‐qualified staff.

Integrity ‐ We employ honesty and ethical decision‐making practices in all that we do


We recognize the need to increase resources to contribute to the well‐being of the communities we serve. We support this position by working with individuals, organizations, and others in an effort to influence the policy decisions that impact these communities.

Respect & Dignity

Staff, volunteers, and community members who participate in JCA activities and use its services will treat each other with respect and dignity.

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Adaoma Patterson
JCA President 2016-2018

Board Positions Available

Join a great team!

We will soon be inviting applications for some board positions that will open up for 2016. Elections will be at the Annual General Meeting in May  2016.

More details to come when available.