Hello Friends and Associates,

As per our JCA Constitution (Article 6.4.1 and 6.4.2) , A tremendous opportunity has arisen for 3 New JCA Committee Chairs to be chosen at our upcoming Annual AGM in May to lead their respective departments.
Have you thought of being more involved ? Are you looking for responsibility? Would you like to consider running one of the 3 positions listed below ?

If so continue reading below for all the details!

Application Information Below.

ELECTION DATE:  Sunday May 28, 2017

Great Committee Chair Members Wanted !!
For inquiries and to apply : Email the Nominations Committeee –

The JCA is looking for a few Talented and conscientious volunteer committee chair members to lead and strengthen our programs at the JCA. If you can contribute your time and leadership and are interested in exploring this opportunity then find out if this volunteer opportunity is right for you!

Applications are currently being accepted.  Please Apply ASAP

Application Deadline:  Monday May 1st, 2017

An information session will be held on Saturday April 22nd, 2017 @11:00am at the JCA for interested parties.

In attendance will be the current Committee Chairs who will answer any questions about the positions.

For All Applicants: How to Apply 

Please note this is for all applicants.

Please reply via email to  with a Cover Letter, a copy of your Resume/CV , a copy of the completed Committee Chair Application, a copy of your completed membership form (with payment details if not yet a paid member) and also include your high resolution photo.


We require a photo of you.

  • Applicants Background photo must be a full front view of the subject’s head and shoulders 
  • Saved in the format of JPG or GIF in minimum 300dpi resolution 
  • Send in the original format photo is taken – (DO NOT RESIZE)

Committee Chair Application Form – Open web-link and print the form 

Membership Form – Open web-Link and print the form 

Open Committee Chair Positions in 2017 are:

 Building Committee Chair |

Membership Committee Chair |

Women’s Committee Chair 

Jamaican Canadian Association Committee Chairs Job Descriptions

The Building Committee Chair

  • Convene a Building Committee
  • Shall be co-chair of the Building Committee along with the Building/Operations Manager
  • Report and provide monthly updates to the Vice President
  • Provide quarterly written updates to the Vice President for the Quarterly reports
  • In conjunction with the Building/Operations Manager, support the maintenance and operation of any building or premises owned by the Association and of the contents acquired for the use of the Association, subject to the direction of the Board of Directors
  • Work with volunteers to support the maintenance of any building or premises owned by the Association
  • Responsible for scheduling volunteer bartenders for various JCA events and operation of the coatroom
  • Responsible for maintaining bar inventory and supplies and providing monthly reconciliation to Building/Operations Manager and/or Finance staff
  • Submit through the Vice President to the Board for approval the Committee’s annual Work plan and Budget not later than three months (3) prior to the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare and submit a report to the Vice President for each quarterly and annual general meeting.

*note that a Building/Operations Manager is not yet in place


The Membership Chair

  1. Convene and chair the Membership Committee
  2. Maintain accurate membership data base*
  3. Mail out Annual Membership Renewal Notification by January 31
  4. Plan and execute Membership Appreciation Events as mandated by the Board
  5. Be a member of the Awards Committee and support the identification of the membership and the community for suitable candidates to be presented to the Board for recognition by the Jamaican, Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Governments; and other organizations as appropriate
  6. Maintain an accurate record of all nominees; a copy of the said list is to be filed with the Secretary
  7. Assume overall responsibility for services to members including:
  • The ongoing recruitment of new members
  • Setting annual targets for recruitment of new members
  • Developing outreach and yearly blitzes to attract new members
  • Collect annual membership dues
  • Be responsible for offering compassionate support to members/families in the event of illness or bereavement, by arranging hospital/home visits and/or sending flowers/cards/gifts as appropriate
  • Prepare and submit a report to the Vice President for presentation to members at each quarterly and annual general meeting
  • Submit through the VICE PRESIDENT to the Board for approval the committee’s annual work plan and budget not later than three months (3) prior to the Annual General Meeting.

*Will eventually be maintained by a paid staff person


The Women’s Chair

  • Chair the Women’s Committee
  • Along with the Committee, assume overall responsibility for issues impacting women within the Organization and the wider community
  • Plan and implement educational opportunities through seminars, forums, workshops, conferences, guest speakers, round table discussions, film presentations and to educate the membership and the wider community on issues impacting women, the family and the community
  • Initiate, special projects, network and liaise with other women’s groups and function as a resource group
  • Mobilize women in the organization to participate in issues and activities pertaining to women’s equality rights
  • Along with Committee, plan the annual International Women’s Day
  • Prepare and submit a report to the Vice President for presentation to members at each quarterly and annual general meeting
  • Submit through the VICE PRESIDENT to the Board for approval the Committee’s Annual Work plan and Budget no later than three months (3) prior to the Annual General Meeting.

There is NO requirement of having Jamaican ancestry to become a member of this organization.  We are an association of individuals that share a common love and appreciation for the Jamaican cultural heritage and invite you to help us celebrate it.  The membership composition is currently 50% adults ages 25-65, seniors/retired individuals represent 30%  and youth under 25 is  20%.


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For any questions or concerns, please see contact the Nominations Committee

Telephone : 416-746-5772 , Ext 220



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